I’m too angry and sad to do anything at the moment. So, night.

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You know what? I give up. I just… I’m sorry.

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I’m tired.

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this is the most amazing place. if you deny it you dont understand the simple perfection of it.

[83/365] days of cas

I want to run away. Be somewhere big and adventurous. Make new friends and enemies. Specially a big city where the streets empty at night but the lights live…. I’d like to walk at night or drive. I’ve always had since I was six, night driving with my mom. But me driving, alone at night where I can think… I’m going for a walk soon… Best friend’s birthday today and gotta celebrate while he’s not behind bars. Plus, I need a pick me up. Just not having a good day Life.

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Tear me to pieces,

Rip me apart.

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